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@Germany ... Wir taten es

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

2 hours ago, we have finished our final presentation about RDES. Al 7amd lellah, everything went fine and they liked our presentation (I hope). They also asked some questions (after 3 previous presentations without questions!!) which is in my point of view a good indicator specially when you feel your answers satisfied them al 7amd lellah.

Let's go back a little longer,
Yesterday, I walked up (@ 7:45am) because someone was knocking my door, I found out that it was Moussa and that he has just returned back from the institute after sleeping for a couple of hours there :D... he asked me to wear my clothes and such and to go to the HNI cuz zezo is working there and he is still awake... it's something like he wanted me to take over zezo's position and let zezo go home and have some rest...
I walked up and such... went there to find zezo with a very funny look like "who are you!!"... he was trying to stay awake by drinking coffee and such bad things :D.... I asked him to explain to me what he has done since yesterday... he told me what he reached and what he is thinking of... He was the expert among us in debug info, I was just trying to think with him.. you know, sometimes it's good to just make someone feel you are sharing his thoughts... it makes him more creative... and actually it happened, we tested something on his laptop that didn't work, we suggested to test it on my laptop, and it did work... this moment we were waiting for for the past few weeks... you can't imagine how I felt but I'll tell you... I felt I wanted to sleep :D... it's something like mmm "we are finally, done, let's take a rest".
What was left then is to make a parser for the debug info file and an application that integrates all our work.
I started in that application, we wanted to make it all as services to be easily integrated with MSRS. Moussa arrived sometime later, he was making the presentation the other day, and he was about to finialize it when zezo announced that he needs to sleep so Moussa made the parser instead of him and sent it to me to integrate... he was free then and went out with Zezo to buy somethings... when they came back, I was still working on those services...

later at 1:32am, we had our first output which is the result of watching a global variable called "_varBeta3".... I shouted "yessssssss"........ and for the first time during this month, I felt we did something they never expected we will do... specially that on the last meeting with Prof.Rukert, Prof.Abdel Wahal and Dr.Ulf... Dr.Ulf felt and actually asked us "so, we expect to see a non finalized project on the final seminar?" we sadly agreed.. and now we did ittttttt...

We stayed awake till 3:00am when we decided to sleep at the Inistitute for a few hours... and to continue work the next day...

At 6:00am, M.Hussein awaked us to pray al fajr and continue working... we wanted to finialize that application to make a rehearsal about the final presentation...
While finalizing the presentation (which was about 11:00am), Moussa suggested "How about if we put a slide saying 'we did it'..." we all liked the idea and modified it to put the same statement in different languages, we even asked a guy called Tanoto for help to translate it to something he can understand... we also wrote it in Chinese, Arabic and of course, in german "Wir taten es"

at 2:00pm sharp, we were there at the main whole starting our presentation about RDES... after we are done, people asked a lot (which is something I liked)... and then they clapped and we sat to start recording the coming sessions (Teleworkbench project and Dr.Sally's project)...

Prof.Rukert, Prof.Abdel Wahab and Dr.Ulf then came to our lab to see a live demo about the project... he then invited us to have a cup of tea all together... Dr.Emad showed us a heliocopter he bought that can fly with a remote control. we played a little then everybody run to catch the bus (which comes at xx:06 where xx is any hour in the morning) I stayed at the inistitute cuz I've somethings to do...

They called me to confirm that I'll be there at 8:30pm to have our last dinner in a Turkish resurant in downtown (Westent'o'r)... I was there on time al 7amd lellah...
We had the dinner and prayed al ma3'reb in the street as always :D... and went home to start packing our bags...

We then slept at 3:00am again to wake up at 6:00 to catch the bus that comes at 7:07am to catch our train at 7:49pm :D ...

but this is another story....

Stay in touch..

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh


  1. "ya taaaaaaaaaa" :D :D
    3ayez el video ya morgan :D
    it was wonderfullllll, unforgettable dayssssss ;) .. 3o2bal el PhD ya man :D

    Tschuess :D

  2. well done ya shabab (Y)

  3. ma shaa Allah .. Really you all deserve every great moment in those special days and in all of your life ..
    Rabena yakremko akter ya shabab .. We are proud that you all are parts of our communities .. ACMers, FCISers, Egyptians and recently..our great teachers (Y)(Y)(Y) ..
    Rabena ya7meko wa ya2weko in shaa Allah ..

  4. Al 7amd lellah ... That's what's expected from You Gr8 SCians (Y) .. tab3an after al 7amd lellah comes Congratulations or tausend Glückwünsche or Million Félicitations or Zillion Mabrooook :)) .. may be so late here but it wasn't so late wa2taha .. YOU ARE ALL TO IT ;) .. GO ON over your ways and Allah with you ever :)))

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