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Nosayba @ Morocco... 1

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh,
Here is the first episode of Nosayba's diaries in Moroccos..


My trip to Morocco

You’re going.. You’re not going.. No actually, you’re going!

There are situations in one’s life that can only be described with one word..”Miracle from God”..Umm..ok three words.

This was the thought that crossed my mind when I was told that our trip to Morocco was actually approved, and our chance of joining the competition together, me and my two best friends, is not gone forever. The reason we were so thankful for this trip is that 2 weeks prior to the competition we were told that Kuwait University did not approve the trip due to budget constraints or something like that. Of course, we felt great disappointment back then. It was a life time opportunity to travel with your best friends for the first time –and the last- before graduation, and join such an interesting competition.

So, as I said, 2 weeks before day zero we stopped any practicing –as if- , we had only practiced before that for 2 short sessions, and that was it, and we prepared ourselves for another trip to Turkey instead, to make it up to ourselves... Just kiddin’.

The miracle..

2 days before the competition, some miracle happened. One of my friends who has been insisting on going to the Univeristy Dean (The Big guy), and talking to him personally about our little problem, provided she was his student one day, got the chance to meet him. And after listening to her complain he promised her that the budget problem would be solved. So there we were.. 4 or 5 days away from the competition date, 2 days away from the traveling day, not knowing if we will make it or not. To be honest, I doubted it.

Day minus one:

It was pretty awkward.. when my parents asked me, “So, dear. Are you traveling tomorrow to Morocco or not?”.. I didn’t know back then what to answer, and frankly, I didn’t know what I wanted either. It was one of the situations where you start asking yourself, “Do I really know what’s going to end up for my best eventually?”. What if the trip was cancelled, this was definitely a situation where your submission to God’s will is being tested. I didn’t want to object on what God wanted for me. If we are not meant to join the competition then for sure something else better is waiting for us somewhere else, or a harmful thing is being pushed away from our way. Yes, it is Destiny.

Day zero

Finally, on Wednesday, 29th of November, at 11:00AM I was told “Pack your Bag, be in the airport at 7:00pm” (If Im not mistaken). And so I did.

When I reached the airport, I met the dr who was going to accompany us for the first time, and the other team, I knew only one of the guys. We were also introduced to a female supervisor “Mrs Amany”, who had to accompany us –the girls- due to some constraints in Kuwait University regarding such trips. She was pretty nice to us, a little panicking but no problem, she was really sweet, and carried a bag full of different kinds of chocolates and biscuits.. Did I mention she was “sweet”, I meant her bag...

A little more about my team..

Lama is palestanian, CS senior, Khadige is Lebanese, Electrical Engineering senior, and Im proudly Egyptian, Computer Engineering senior student. We represented Kuwait University team.. –Yeah, go figure!-. The three of us, Walhamdulellah, are first students on our dof3a, each in her own major. This made drs, TAs and colleagues put high expectations on our performance in the competition. It was disappointing to think about that during that trip, knowing that we haven’t practiced at all for the competition, and weren’t prepared for it. Having a high GPA doesn’t mean you’re a good ACM programmer, but tell that to the people, tell that to the governments, tell that to the mass destructive weapon makers!..bluh.

I’d be very thankful if we got one problem solved, but I’d be quite happy if we solved four” I thought to myself while we were on the plane. Oh I forgot to mention that our first flight was to Dubai. We had to stay in Dubai Airport for 8 hours, then take another flight to Casablanca. The 8 hours started well, we had dinner, then some coffee. Afterwards we had aimless walks around Dubai wasn’t the first time I went there, its not so bad. The best thing was the company of my great amigos.. until it was 4 am in the morning and we desperately needed somewhere to sleep. We went to pray Fajr in the musallah and get some rest, we didn’t know that sleeping in the musallah was forbidden.. but at the time nobody kicked us out. I couldn’t sleep anyway..

I could use some sleep right now though.. I’ll continue this later on..

Salam alaykom..



Thanks Nosayba.


  1. Salamo Alikom Haytham
    Actually I was surprised when I saw the title. I started to see the previous posts in order to understand and I found the last post where u introduced Nosayba :D

    Salamo Alikom Nosayba b2a :D,
    Really a very nice post and I'm waiting for the rest of the story. I wanna know a girls experience in a regional contest as me and my team really wanna go there.

    Please keep posting as if it was ur blog :P :P

    Something to say ba3eedan 3n el mawdoo3, u r so funny and I like ur name ;)

    an ACMer ;)

  2. Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh,

    Nosayba has started her own blog recently but I was just too busy to post about that here..

    You can visit her here :

    One last word, Nosabya's team was the only 100% girls team there, the year before it, there was another team like that too.... Work as hard as u can to deserve being that team next year In Shaa Allah....

    Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

  3. Assalam Alaykom :D
    Brother Haytham Jazak Allah Khear, I really appreciate =)

    Asmaaaa Magdi :-)
    I was sooooooooo happy to read your comment you just made my day :D Thank you so so much for the support!

    About ACM, it was seriously one of the best experiences ive had, Alhamdulellah. I hope to meet you there next year -if I pass the local- as I aim to participate insha'Allah. The advantage here is that you dont have teams like 3*1=0 that win the local contest:p It was pretty unique being one of only two teams of girls (Univ of sharjah & Us), but I hope we perform better next yr inshallah. You still didnt read the part abt our performance in the competition;) Dont put high expectations lol.

    Anyway its great getting to meet other female ACMers out there! etsharrafna :D

    Btw,I love your name too dear, its after one of best women God created on earth;) Rady Allah 3anha!


  4. U r right about this:
    "The advantage here is that you dont have teams like 3*1=0 that win the local contest".

    Plz ya Haytham b2a sebona next year lewa7dena, ma7adesh men el seniors yed7'ol lw sama7to :huuh, 3la el 3omoom e7na haneegy badry we ne2fel el bab we manda7'alkoosh :P,

    we eb2a roo7 eshteky lel ACM president :P:P


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