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Morocco... Day 1

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh,

Sure I've to speak about our short trip.. it's just a trandition to speak about ACM Contests...

So.. mm where to begin..
Ok, let's start from the early begining..

4:00am, Dec-29... Mama is calling me to wake up in order to catch the plane.. I waked up so easily (Al 7amd lellah), prayed al Fajr, and got ready to go down, I ensured I have the Digital Camera (Cuz I don't like to forget bringing it like last year), The laptop, the chargers... everything is fine ? ok, let's go.. it was now about 05:15am, when Abdel Rahman (a teammate of me) called cuz he was already there waiting for us.. I told him that I'm just about to go.. few minutes later, I received another call from Mustafa (my other teammate :D..) and again I told him, just minutes and I'll be there... (it seems they were afraid that I change my mind and not travel :D.. hah J/K ;) ),
I arrived there to find everybody is already there... I just said good bye to my father and mother and left...
For my luck (or maybe cuz of my bear :D), the Passport Checking man said "oh, u brought the wrong paper, this paper is a permission for u to leave the country but this is not directed to us, it's directed to X (which I don't remember), u will not be able to travel..." I was just shocked.... can it be true, no travel = Losing 1 year of my life without the Regional... oh my god... few minutes later, I was struggelling with him to convince him that last year we traveled exactly the same, and I pointed to my friends who already passed this gate "hey those all have the same papers as me, why me...", at last he said "ok, try ur luck with our manager" I said ok... and went there, that man was really helpful, he said "no problem, give me ur passport and that paper", he wrote some notes behind the paper, that made the other guy not able to speak... he just let me go....

We went to the plane just before the time by 25 minutes or though, we took some photos while waiting the bus to take us to the plane.. and that's it.. we were ready for the looong trip (my longest flight ever - 5:20 hours)..

Ah, I forgot to mention, in this flight, it was my team + Abdalla (our Coach), the other team and Dr.Said (the other coach) travelled the previous day.. so we r 4 and they were 4..

The plane was divided 3-3 chairs, so we took 4... for my luck, I was the one who sat alone... but it was not that bad, the two who sat beside me, were Moroccians, they helped us a lot and told us about some tricks that Taxis and other sellers may make to make us just "Pay", they were helpful Jazahom Allahu 7'ayran..

BTW, they were here in Cairo for 10 days (I don't know what any turist may like in cairo to stay 10 days in :D) anyway, they liked it but they didn't like the overcrowd every where (when we went to Ifrane, I realised they were totally right).

Some of us slept, others kept speaking, the time just passed fine al 7amd lellah, when we were above Morocco, the land down there was just gr8... the mountains were really high that some of them block the clouds, we tried to take photos for that but sure it can't describe what we saw...

We arrived there (Casablanca - 5th Mohammed Airport) just in time, and were thinking what to do in the loong stay we have to before our next flight to Fez (that was after our arrival by 12 hours exactly..)

But it's just another story..

See u next mmm Day..

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh


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