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National, Local, Coming..... ACM

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

Hope everybody is just fine..

I was writing since the last Local Contest ( 28th-October-2006 )... but today I decided to delete my Draft and to write a brand new post...

I'll not write informative or advices here, at least not in this post...

Today, the contest was scheduled to start at 11:00am but it started after the prayer, maybe at 12:00 or maybe after that...

The contest was challenging, but we didn't solve a problem till 45minutes (which is bad), we were in a late position, then we started to solve problems...
After about 2 hours of the contest, we were in the 7th position (having 2 problems solved I guess) while the first & second have 4 problems solved, then we were debugging in 2 problems then.. when we got a solution to one of them and got AC....
we spent 2:30 hours between those last two AC (which is bad)..

The board is frozen having FCI-1 in the first position, AUC in the second position both with 5 problems solved...

The contest ended, they announced the results, AUC got the first position after solving their 6th problem...

Tomorrow, there will be a Java Challenge competetion.. I'll tell u about tomorrow In Shaa Allah...

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh


  1. Post repeated 3 times. TBD :P

    walla y3ny 3shan 7'adto 3 balloonz t2oom ba3et el post 3 times :D. aw yemken 3shan esmoko 3*1=0 8-). aw yemken 3shan ento 3 members fel team :D. ya emma b2a de 3'alta matba3eya we beyhabbel :D.

    Wanna more details about ur experience in this contest and don't delete this post which I'm commenting on. Delete the other 2 ones ;)

  2. mmmm ma3takdsh a7'er reason dah 7'ales... akeed msh bayhabbel tab3an :huh all others r possible reasons..

    1- wanna more details : I think I said I'll (In Shaa Allah) send about it :P
    2- Delete the other 2, I did :huh



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